Our Support Model


A brief summary of our support programme is as follows:

  • Beneficiary recruitment and registration, including a full briefing for parents and carers.
  • For individuals who are not ready to participate, we signpost to other appropriate support agencies.
  • Beneficiary Induction Programme to introduce the individual to the work of the charity and the support process they will benefit from.
  • In depth vocational profiling to ascertain the individual's preferred vocational choice.
  • Development of an Individual Action Plan setting out clear aims and objectives. This document will evolve as the beneficiary progresses through the programme.


  • Targeted Job Searching to meet the requirements of the Action Plan with a view to setting up appropriate work placements in a real work setting.
  • Once a potential host employer has been identified, informal Workplace Tour for the participant including a meeting with staff/supervisors.
  • Confirmation of work placement details with all parties. All Health and Safety/Risk Assessments undertaken.
  • Introduction of a Job Coach to the individual and parents/carers who will provide the necessary one to one support at the workplace and Travel Training if appropriate.



    • Commencement of the work placement - close monitoring by project staff with ongoing feedback from the individual, Job Coach and participating employer to ensure the Action Plan is being met.
  • Gradual fading out of the Job Coach to encourage independence and help establish if the required tasks can be done without support.
  • End of placement review.
  • Negotiation of employment, setting up of further work placements or signposting individual on to alternative training/support agencies to help continue the individual's personal development.
  • For beneficiaries who secure paid employment, we offer support with travel arrangements, benefit claims, setting up bank accounts etc.
  • An ongoing support service for the new employee, employer and parents or carers to help sustain the employment long-term.