Katie’s Story

Katie is 19 years old, she has Myatonic Dystrophy, a form of Muscular Dystrophy which results in a learning disability. She has excellent motor skills and is a very caring and outgoing person once she gets to know people. Katie had a placement a few years ago in a care home and this was an experience she was keen to repeat.

Following profiling, Bren Staff approached Wealdstone Care Home in Chester with a view to a placement. The care home manager was very enthusiastic and keen to support the Project. Katie visited the care home and decided that she would like to take a placement there. katie

Bren Project staff undertook a job analysis and a health and safety and risk assessment and arranged a placement for 1 day a week for 8 weeks. The placement began in February 2009 and ran through to April 2009. Katie attended for the full 8 weeks during which time she was always punctual, smart and hard working. Her main tasks included: cleaning and vacuuming resident’s rooms, preparing the dining room and setting tables at mealtimes, assisting staff with tea and cake rounds, talking to and engaging the residents and helping the occupational therapist with activities, such as basketball and bingo.

The aim was for Katie to learn new practical skills; improve her communication capabilities; develop her social skills, confidence and self esteem; to develop her Health and Safety awareness and to learn to use her initiative.

Beneficiary weekly diaries, Jobcoach reports, monitoring reviews, feedback from parents, teachers and the school and the final review all indicate that Katie achieved the aims above. Katie was working unsupervised for periods towards the end of the placement and it was decided that we should refer her to West Cheshire College’s LEAP 2 WORK project to continue the placement until she eventually left school to attend college in August. This was arranged and, following our initial development and support work, she was able to work unsupervised until the end of the school year.