Fundraise for Us

If you are undertaking a sponsored event this year, why not make the Bren Project your chosen charity! Alternatively, why not support us by organising a fundraising event of your own, there are loads to choose from.sponsored_bikeride

Here are a few ideas to get you started:
  • Auction of Promises – Try to get people to donate a gift, the promise of their time or use of their belongings.
  • Book Sale – Dig out all those old books and have a book sale at home or at work.
  • Car Boot Sale – Get all those unwanted items stashed in the back of cupboards or in your loft and sell them at a car boot sale.
  • Coffee Morning – Get all your friends together and have a coffee morning, it’s a great way to catch up on all the gossip!
  • Dress Down Day – Ideal if you work in an office environment where your colleagues might be keen for an opportunity to work in jeans.
  • Football or Golf Tournament – Get all your pals together for a half-day of energetic fundraising.
  • Karaoke Evening – Ask a local pub to host a Karaoke night for you and charge people to get in or take part.
  • Quiz Nights – Always a favourite whether it is at home at work, in a club or in your local. Charge people to take part.
  • Snack Sale – Everyone gets peckish in the middle of the morning, so hold a cake or biscuit sale.
  • Sponsored Events – Bike Ride, walk, silence, swim, slim, headshave.
  • Tombola – Get some raffle tickets and persuade your friends and colleagues to donate prizes.


If you are interested in organising your own fundraising event or wish to nominate us as part of a sponsored activity, please contact us, we would be delighted to help in whatever way we can.