What We Offer

The Bren Project offers supported employment opportunities, in a wide range of working environments, to people with learning disabilities and autism. All beneficiaries are provided with one to one Job Coach support in a vocational area of their choice.

Our trained Job Coaches are carefully matched to the needs of each individual beneficiary. Their aim is to build supportive relationships that make for a comfortable and successful work placement.
Work placements are generally one day per week over a period of approximately 8 weeks.job_coach
The role of the Job Coach includes:
  • Liaising with the beneficiary and employer
  • Learning the role which the beneficiary is due to undertake during the placement
  • Supporting and encouraging the beneficiary at work
  • Assisting with travel arrangements to the placement
  • Assisting with other incidental issues relating to the work placement
Following a supported work placement our beneficiaries often move on to:
  • An offer of paid part-time employment
  • Volunteer work
  • Further training or education
  • A further placement

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