Greg’s Story

Greg is very well qualified in the field of IT and computer systems and had been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome in his early twenties. He was referred to us because he and his family felt that his issues with anxiety were holding him back, and they hoped that this was something we could help him with.

Greg joined the team at Bren Bikes for eight weeks, and came out of his shell immediately. His IT expertise came in really useful, as he was able to offer the Bren Bikes team genuinely useful criticism, and was able to give a great deal of advice around setting up electronic payments for the convenience of customers at the workshop.

When it came time to look for an external placement for Greg, he was understandably keen to pursue his interest and qualifications in the field of information technology. Our Project Co-ordinators reached out to local IT consultancies, and Pro-Networks were very keen to offer Greg a placement. To say it went well would be an understatement: very early in the process, Pro-Networks recognised Greg’s experience and abilities and offered him a permanent position as a Hardware Engineer. In February 2018, he was named Employee of the Month.